This is a unique temperature control electrode of the boiler, which provides high-quality, reliable and economical operation of the boiler WITHOUT WATER TREATMENT!

Temperature controller Cross10

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  • Mains voltage, V ~ 150 ... 270

    Frequency Hz 50/60

    Own power consumption, no more than 3 W temperature setting range heating medium, +5 ° C ... 90

    Temperature setting range of the second system, 30 ... 70 ° C

    Minimum temperature hysteresis settings, 1.0°C

    The range of current limiting regulation, A3...30±5%

    Power limit control range, 250W...7000 ± 5%

    Output tripping current "Cauldron", and 35

    Delay setting range of the boiler (after the pump), with 20..120

    Maximum temperature of the internal heatsink 70°C

    Maximum output power "circulation pump", W200

    Maximum power output "Valve" Switched, W1200

    The control current in the circuit of external control devices, mA 0,1 Operating mode continuous, uninterrupted Ambient temperature °C -20 ... +35

    The body splash, wall Dimensions (mounting) dimensions mm. 110x120x85 Weight (excluding transducers), 0.58 kg